• Schnepp Senior Care & Rehab Center: Greet with a smile.
  • Fairlane Senior Care & Rehab Center: A friendly helping hand.
  • Saginaw Senior Care & Rehab Center: Friendly discussion.
  • Schnepp Senior Care & Rehab Center: Friendly
  • West Oaks Senior Care & Rehab Center: Having fun cooking with friends.

Quality You Can Measure

Holt Senior Care & Rehab Center is ranked one the best nursing homes in the nation according to US News and World Report 2013.

Our long term residents and our short term guests also benefit from a staff that has been trained to approach care with more flexibility and awareness to individual needs.

Holt Senior Care & Rehab Center has proudly served the needs of the community since 1971. Providing short term rehabilitation or long term care to you or your loved one is what we do best. Our intention is to provide quality care and services in an atmosphere that promotes living each day to the fullest.

Holt is a community of individuals who live and work together. The relationships between the people we serve and our valued health care professionals create a place where people can comfortably reside for a few weeks or choose to call home.

These relationships are a way of being with one another that honors the individual while providing important health care services. Daily life at Holt Senior Care & Rehab Center is centered around restoring health, recovering abilities and rejoicing in life.